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 Aeronautical Articles, Documents and Tutorials

Documents Selection

Here you will find a small selection of articles, documents and tutorials from the original PakAviation.com content.

Articles List

A cross section of Pakistans army aviationA look at Pakistan Army's Qasim airbase which features six types of fixed-wing aircraft and six types of helicopters from a wide variety of sources: France, Russia, China, the US and Pakistan itself.

Ground Instructional in PakistanAn insight into aircraft and training at Qasim army airbase.

Navigation and ILS Explained.An article covering and outlining the steps in flying by VOR and how ILS works.

PIA Approach, London Heathrow (With Sound)An ATC (Air Traffic Control) account of a PIA 747s approach into London Heathrow.

Inertial Navigation SystemsAn article covering the principals and working of INS as well as comparison of different systems.

Civil Aviation Radio Communications and how to 'Listen in'.Covers the voice communications aspect of Aviation. Also learn how to re-tune a normal FM radio to listen in on Civil Communications.

FlightSim Development using Satellite TechnologyAn article which covers the use of Satellite Technology to Develop the Simulation Environment.

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