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 Flight Simulator Video clips - Simulation moments Captured!

Flight Simulation captured in video

Here are a selection of video clips and short movies which capture flight sessions in Microsoft Flight Simulator. - Enjoy!

Kai Tak Approach, Boeing 747-400
(MS FS2004)

The notorious Kai-Tak ILS approach flown in Flight Simulator 2004 with the the 747-400.
Lockheed Galaxy C-5 at Kai-Tak
(MS FS2004)

The C-5 galaxy has a wingspan of approx. 222ft (89m), is powered by 4 TF-39 turbofan engines and can carry a cargo load of 4x CH46 helicopters! This clip shows a simulated landing of a C-5 at Hong-Kongs Kai Tak airport.
FS Snippets
(MS FS2004 & MS FSX)

A selection of clips from Microsoft flight Simulator 2004 in the DC-10 and FSX in the Boeing 737-800 and 747-400.
Kai-Tak ILS approach, crosswind and low visibility
(MS FS2004)

This short clip demonstrates the touchdown of Boeing 747-400 at Kai Tak. Crosswind of 080 at 22 knots and low visibility.

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