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 Pakistan Aviation WAP through your Mobile Phone/Device

Seeing us through your Mobile Phone or Portable Device!

WAP Address: http://pakaviation.com/aviation.wap/


One of the First Pak. Sites to use WAP!

PakAviation.com was one of the First pakistani Websites to exhibit itself through delivery of WAP Content. WAP (Wireless Adaptor Protocol) is a Wide area protocol with WML Markup Language similar to HTML, providing a means of facilitating Mobile phones and other similar devices to view Hyperlinked content.

The WAP site was started two years ago as an experimental project, the main aim being for me to assess the Technology. Due to other more pressing tasks of this website project, the WAP site was un-announced.

The PakAviation WAP site is currently up now with the WAP Address made public, for you to evaluate!

Whatever your location the site can be accessed through any WAP enabled Mobile phone or Handheld Device!

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