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References ranges - biochemistry, haematology, lipids, proteins, coagulation

Welcome to PharmCalc.com!

Jamie Alnasir

PharmCalc aims to harness modern client-side technology to provide a time-saving means of performing common pharmacy calculations thereby assisting the pharmacist in the design and validation of dosage regimes that are efficacious and minimally toxic. The computational method allows for easy adjustment of calculation parameters, practically instantaneously, without having to go through the tedious process of re-calculating by hand.[1]

PharmCalc Provides an easy means of calculating Loading and Maintenance doses for routinely used drugs such as Digoxin and Theophylline. The project is founded on well established literature with each online tool outlining the calculations and references used.

With the exponential increases in computing power we enjoy today and the advent of mobile browser technology, PharmCalc aims to utilise these advances to make the computation of pharmacy calculations more readily accessible.

I hope that you find this project useful and informative, and I hope to expand the project, time permitting.

- Dr. Jamie Alnasir M.Pharm (Hons), founder

Special thanks
I wish to thank all of my lecturers at Kingston University and St. Georges hospital medical school, in particular to Dr. Singer and Roy Sinclair for their encouragement of my interest in applying computer science to solve medical and chemical problems. I am also grateful to Michael E. Winter the author of an invaluable book on Clinical Pharmacokinetics.

Please note that this online tool should be used for informational and educational purposes only and all calculations should be checked by hand before being implemented, please read the disclaimer for more information.


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