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  Amiodarone IV-Oral conversion and loading  
Total IV dose recieved by patient to-date (mg)
Total days of treatment to-date (days)
Loading Dose (mg) for 1 week
Maintenaince Dose (mg)

Calculation(s) used

Determine the appropriate oral loading regime based on the cumulative dose
received via the IV route, as follows: -

Cumulative dose, X = (total IV dose * 2) - (days of treatment * 200);

This is then used to determine the appropriate loading dose: -

Cumulative dose
received, X
Oral loading dose Oral maintenance dose
<2400mg 200mg tds 200mg od
>2400mg and <4200mg 200mg bd
>4200mg none



1. Sanofi Aventis - letter to Frimley Park Hospital Medicines Information department

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