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  GCS - Glasgow Coma Scale  

Best eye response No eye opening (+1)
Eye opening to pain (+2)
Eye opening to verbal command (+3)
Eyes open spontaneously (+4)
Best verbal response No verbal response (+1)
Incomprehensible sounds (+2)
Inappropriate words (+3)
Confused (+4)
Oriented (+5)
Best motor response No motor response (+1)
Extension to pain (+2)
Flexion to pain (+3)
Withdrawal from pain (+4)
Localizes pain (+5)
Obeys commands (+6)
GCS Score (points)

Score Interpretation:

Calculation(s) used

GCS scoring: A certain number of Points are given for each category and the result is the total sum of the points for each question.



GCS score Classification of
brain injury
≥13 Minor/None
9 - 12 Moderate
≤8 Severe


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