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  Gentamicin Calculator (Under development)  

Gentamicin Dose Calculator

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Gentamicin Dosing Interval Calculator

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Gentamicin Level Predictor

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Dosing Regimen
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Dose recieved (mg)
Creatinine Clearance
Level (at Time t) (mg/L)

Calculation(s) used

Calculation of Gentamicin dose

Dose determining weight
Ideal Body Weight is calculated from the patients height (using IBW calculation), this is compared with the patients actual body weight. If actual weight is > 20% of the IBW, then patient is classified as obese and the adjusted body weight is used as the dose-determining weight otherwise actual body weight is used.

Regime of 3mg/Kg is for Creatinine clearance of >15 mL/min and <30mL/min, 5mg/Kg is used for creatinine clearance greater than 30mL/min.

Prediction of Plasma level

Aminoglycosides are cleared renally and so Cockgroft-Gault prediction of GFR can be used to calculate their clearance in L/h.

Elimination rate constant, k is then calculated using  Clearance and volume of distribution.

Plasma concentration at time C1 can be calculated based on the Elimination rate constant, k at time t1.

 S=Salt fraction(=1), F=Bioavailability (=1), Vd = Volume of Distribution (L/Kg)


Gentamicin should not be used in the following patient groups:

Myasthenia Gravis
Hypersensitvity to aminoglycosides
Severe renal impairment

Once daily dosing should not be used in patients with:

Infective Endocarditis
Major Burns (>20% of body surface area)

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