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  HLB - Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance Calculator for Emulsions  

Calculate the Total HLB of a mixture of components

Enter the % proportion of the component and its HLB value
(leave remaining rows as 0)

  % of Component HLB value
Component 1 (HLB value {0-20})
Component 2 (HLB value {0-20})
Component 3 (HLB value {0-20})
Component 4 (HLB value {0-20})
Component 5 (HLB value {0-20})
HLB of Mixture   (HLB)

Calculate the amounts of surfactants required for a Target HLB 
HLB of Surfactant A (HLB value {0-20})
HLB of Surfactant B (HLB value {0-20})
Target HLB (HLB value {0-20})
Amount of A required (%)
Amount of B required (%)

Calculation(s) used

C1,C2,C3.. = Component proportion, %
HLB1,HLB2,HLB3.. = HLB value for the component

HLBA = HLB of the 1st surfactant
HLBB = HLB of the 2nd surfactant
x = Target HLB
%A = Amount of Surfactant A required
%B = Amount of Surfactant B required (%B = 100 - %A)


The HLB scale devised by Griffin in 1949 is a scale from 0 - 20 (20 being Hydrophilic) used to characterise the nature of surfactants and balance their proportions in order to stabilise disperse systems.



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