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  HbA1c (Glycosylated Haemoglobin)  

HbA1c units conversion
HbA1c (DCCT) (%) {range 4-10}
HbA1c (IFCC) (mmol/mol)

Estimated average glucose from HbA1c value

HbA1c (%) {range 4-10}
Estimated Average Glucose (mmol/L)

Calculation(s) used

Unit conversion:
HbA1c_IFCC = (HbA1c_DCCT - 2.15) x 10.929

Calculation of estimated average glucose:
Estimated_Glu (mg/dl) = 28.7 x HbA1C − 46.7
Estimated_Glu (mmol/l) = 1.59 x HbA1C − 2.59




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2. NHS/Diabetes UK, HbA1c Standardisation For Laboratory Professionals" (online PDF). Diabetes UK.

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