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  Basal Energy Expenditure based on BMR calculations  

Use the Schofield equation to account for factors such as illness, activity, stress   

Height (m)


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Weight (kg)
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  Female Patient
Basal Energy
  NB: Does not take into account illness, stress, activity, trauma, cancers or other factors that can increase daily calorific requirement - See Schofield equation for this.

Calculation(s) used

Harris and Benedict formula (male)

BMR = 

Harris and Benedict formula (female)

BMR = 

Mifflin-St. Jeor formula

BMR = 

where S=5 { males } , S=-161 { females }


Basal Energy Expenditure

1. Harris J, Benedict F (1918). "A Biometric Study of Human Basal Metabolism". Proc Sci U S a 4 (12): 3703. doi:10.1073/pnas.4.12.370. PMID 16576330.

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